Heroiam Slava - Glory to the Heroes Documentary Film

Oleksandr (Les) and Olena from Ukraine are currently pursuing their MFA degree at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. They decided to leave USA to their home country to evacuate their parents and help volunteer during the time of Russian invasion on Ukraine. 

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Olena and Oleksandr watched the news of their country from thousands of miles. Three days later, they bought plane tickets to go home and help in any way they could.

In or Out Documentary Film

In or Out is a multimedia project that explores the struggles of two homeless men living on the streets of Washington D.C. in the midst of a regional housing crisis. One hoping to move into permanent housing while the other registered as a sex offender lost hope on public housing. The project follows the daily life of Berry Morrow, 47, and Willy Walker, 60, on the streets of the District taking the viewer along the journey of the two men destined either to move into housing or stay out on the street.

For my Boys Documentary film

This is a story about John Park Jr. who ended up having divorce with his wife and being separated with his kids. He ended up going to prison for his bad decisions and turned his life around with the motivation to get back with his kids. The story focuses on his current life, spending time with his kids and rebuilding relationship with them.

The Call - Experimental VR film

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